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Struggling to reach your goals?

Is your past ruining your future?

Need to make a positive and permanent change in your life?
If you’re finding it difficult to change your life, you may be subconsciously resisting this change.

Aistiq will help you achieve your goals
by using a step-by-step programme
transforming you to think positively,
ensuring that you have a

Aistiq Life Coaching offers a step-by-step transformation towards a better lifestyle. We help you to tap deep into your subconscious mind to achieve the transformation that you are seeking. Most of us experience subconscious resistance to making changes in our lives, without being aware that this is happening. We can help you understand your own subconscious resistance and learn to overcome it to succeed on your path to personal empowerment.

Deep and lasting results

Aistiq Life Coaching does not offer a quick fix. Instead, you get deep and lasting results. We do not follow conventional principles of life coaching. Our methodology is based on many years of studying human behaviour and the inner workings of the subconscious mind.

Most of the challenges we face in adulthood are a result of subconscious programming that started from our childhood. This means that self-image, attitude to life, personal habits – whether positive or negative – and all other behavioural traits are shaped by what our subconscious mind believes. Learning to clear this subconscious mindset is key to creating the transformation we desire.

While there are many techniques for positive transformation, subconscious resistance can make it difficult to achieve the results we truly want. This is why it is beneficial to work through the subconscious mind and achieve lasting change and healing, one step at a time.

Aistiq coaching techniques, offers life coaching with a combination of NLP and Guided meditation, and if necessary Hypnotherapy as a last resort for overcoming subconscious resistance.

NLP is a practical approach to human behavior. Initially created in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLP is a methodology for modeling excellence. With a primary focus on how to operate your own mind and body to create what you want in life. The discoveries made from the methodology of NLP have led to techniques that are used in business, education, health, and therapy.

NLP helps you develop in the following areas:

  • Build instant rapport with anyone – anytime.
  • Understand how to access emotional states that are appropriate and useful for any given situation.
  • Adopt empowering beliefs.
  • Develop your intuition – know how others are thinking.
  • Build confidence and motivation.
  • Release negative emotions and limiting decisions.
  • Reinforce and accomplish goals.
  • Learn to be at cause – live powerfully.
  • State what you want, set goals to achieve it in your life.
  • Replace negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions.
  • Use language patterns that influence, intrigue and move others.
  • Negotiate and mediate conflict using win-win methods.

Leadership skills that motivates you in your career and business.

Tap into your subconscious mind through guided meditation

Aistiq’s highly successful meditation programme is your solution for personal transformation. In your sessions with us, you will be able to teach yourself to re-programme your subconscious mind and gain the mental power to unleash your true potential. These meditations are not based on any religious or spiritual teachings; we simply help you to reach deep into your mind and work with your body’s own energy systems.

The Aistiq system uses varying techniques that can be adapted to suit individual needs. Most of the techniques taught are explained in my book, Meditation; a Scientific Approach to Achieving Goals.

Imagine if you could…
  • Identify what it is that you truly want
  • Understand what causes your failures
  • Understand why you are afraid of success
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn how to control stress
  • Have the courage to act on opportunities
  • Learn how to take control of your life
What if you could find your purpose and truly live it?
Aistiq can help you to achieve this. Our system is tried, tested and trusted. Hear what some of Aistiq’s followers have to say:

“At first I thought that meditation belonged to esoteric or certain religious groups. After numerous conversations with Mo, I learnt that meditation can be used in all areas of life without the spirituality. Through his coaching I can control stress and am on the path to realising my dreams. Thank you Mo.”

Melany R.

“I did not realise just how powerful the slightest bit of doubt can be in causing you to fail to achieve your goal. I was amazed through Mo’s Coaching that language plays a huge role in achieving success. Being aware of the words we use when defining our goals or during visualisation is so important. Mo’s meditation techniques have helped me build much needed self-confidence. “


Read my book

To find out more about the Aistiq way of living, read my book: Meditation; a Scientific Approach to Achieving Goals. Click here to order your copy.

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