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Sports performance Price and packages:

Group Sessions:
Minimum of 5 people per group: Maximum 25 people per group:
5-10   people: R350.00 per person per session.
11-25 people: R300.00 per person per session.

5 sessions paid up front:
5-10   people: R1500.00 per person.
11-25 people: R1250.00 per person.
10 Sessions paid upfront:
5-10 people: R2500.00 per person.
11-25 People: R2000.00 per person.
This package includes a free copy of my book.

Private Sessions:

Single Sessions:
R550.00 per session:

Sessions paid upfront:
3 Sessions: R1400.00: Save R250.00:

Following packages include a free copy of my book:

5   Sessions: R2070.00: Save R680.00:
8   Sessions: R3040.00: Save R1360.00:
10 Sessions: R3550.00: Save R1950.00:


Day workshops: R2499.00 per person:
If paid for in full 7 days prior to date of workshop: R1699.00: Save R700.00:
Two Day Workshops: R3999.00 per person:
If paid for in full 7 days prior to date of workshop: R2999.00: Save R1000.00:
All workshops prices include free copy of my book.
Other areas of life coaching or hypnotherapy will be considered upon request only and prices are negotiated accordingly:

Standard rate for hypnotherapy: R550.00 per session:

Note: There are no packages for hypnotherapy as number of sessions are determined by condition being treated.

Guided meditation sessions:

Private Sessions:
R250.00 per session: Session length 45 minutes.
5 sessions upfront R800.00: Save R450.00:

Group Sessions:
4 people: R200.00 per person per session.
5-7 people:   R170.00 per person per session.
7-10 people: R120.00 per person per session.
10 people maximum.

There will be free group meditation sessions for 30 minutes a session twice a month for up to 25 people.