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Story of A’isha

I started with mind coaching on 12th January 2015, with lots of uncertainty, self-doubt and anxiety. Despite this I had a lot of determination to achieve my goal of becoming a triathlete. I never had such a big goal, I never thought that I could achieve something big in my life; however the triathlon was to prove to myself and others that I can achieve something big in my life. I was conditioned to believe that to achieve a goal of completing a triathlon especially just starting out at the age of 30 was not possible. Until the 12th of January 2015 I was a complete couch potato. I did not feel much difference on the 12th after the mind coaching, what amazed me on the 13th when I went for my first coaching session for running, even though I could not run from one lamp post to another, the confidence that I felt was amazing and I truly believe that was the result of the mind coaching.

During that first month of both mind coaching and physical coaching, the biggest transformation I experienced, that despite times when I felt like I did not want to go for physical training and just stay at home and be lazy, somehow subconsciously, I would get into my car whith out thinking and be at training as required. Although when I get to the track for training, i still thought about leaving but somehow I would just get into it and just start training, causing me to be excited and happy.

By the end of that first month, I was so excited and happy to be in a team, and even more determined to achieve my goal. Normally I would have lost momentum and gone back to my old ways of being. During the second month of training, I was so happy and excited in ways that I had never been before. Due to past conditioning I was afraid to even ride a bike. During that second month, I could run 5km with relative ease, ride a bike and swim in a manner that I could not do before. I attribute this to all the mind coaching I got during this time, as it had lifted my self-esteem and boosted my confidence. By 14th March 2015 I completed a full triathlon which was a 1km swim, 40km bike ride and 7km run. I finally completed and saw a goal through to its end. At this point I started seeing myself differently, even people around me started to see me differently, treating me with respect, admiration and as an inspiration to them. This was the biggest game changer in my life.

I continued with the mind coaching and since then, on 24th April 2015 I completed the Discovery ITU world triathlon Cape Town, in the Olympic division. Exactly a week later I completed the WalkerBay xtreme triathlon. I have now achieved my biggest goal of becoming a triathlete within 4 months. My whole life has changed and I realise now, that I am much bigger than how I used to see myself. I now know that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. My goal from here on is to continue with the mind coaching to achieve bigger and more extreme triathlons, career and goals in all aspects of my life.

Currently my goal is to become a sports coach, and team up with Mo to offer both mind and physical coaching for better sports performance. Thank you Mo, your mind coaching has transformed me from couch potato to triathlete, as well as transforming every other aspects of my life. My confidence, self-esteem and self-expression has never been this high.

A’sha Dollie